Gangrell's Powers

Seconds later, Gangrell expelled light from both of his hands as his entire body shook. The tombstones became ignited, and the reflection from the fog was blinding. Everyone covered their eyes as the light saturated the cemetery grounds, and then instantly disappeared. Seconds later, the night became blacker than black, and an oozy thickness permeated the air. Faint crackling broke the eerie silence, and the sounds gradually became stronger. “I can’t see anything,” Sleeta snarled, and then she expelled hebonite from her hand, which filled the entire cemetery with a dim, blue glow. A mound of dirt had emerged beside every tombstone, and dead creatures now walked aimlessly around the cemetery grounds. The deceased humans appeared to be in various stages of decay, but Gangrell’s energy infusion allowed them to reattach body parts when possible. Deceased animals were also among the group.

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