An Excerpt from Book Three

Hanna gulped as the fog dissipated, and she found herself staring into the serpentine eyes of an enormous Reptilian. The scaly, slimy creature was sitting on a hebonite-infused stone throne, which made him glow. Draca’s sharp, yellow teeth became visible when he displayed a rare smile. “Hanna Krusher,” he growled, and his sinister laughter echoed throughout the room.

Hanna sensed pure evil in a way she had never felt. She knew that there was no reasoning with this creature. Love and compassion were nonexistent. Only at this very moment did she truly understand the need to eradicate the universe of this race. She stood stoically, and did not utter a word.

“Put her in shackles, and let’s make her visible for all to see. Prepare the devices,” Draca commented as a spotlight now beamed on Hanna; blinding her. Thousands of Reptilians surrounded the throne room, pushing and prodding in an attempt to get a glance of Hanna’s demise.

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